American Film from the 1950s: Blessing or Curse?

Film from the 1950s to present, as will be explored in this essay, is an extremely useful medium, often underestimated within the label of “entertainment”; unfortunately, it may be partially responsible for current socio-cultural problems, too. The critical question, then, is whether film has fostered the progress of a more open-minded America, or rather hindered its development through the perpetuation of antiquated concepts of stereotypes, densensitized violence and breeding of normalcy.

Rodriguez’ Euthanasia: Uncomfortable Equality

While modern politics is not quick to support euthanasia on a moral or ethical level, many theorists are fascinated by the topic from a legal perspective. In the article “Assisted Suicide, Ethics and the Law”, for example, Eike-Henner Kluge utilises the case of Sue Rodriguez to demonstrate the ethically ignorant and discriminatory position of Canadian law regarding assisted suicide.