Marketing Analytics Process

Explain the four steps in the Marketing Analytics Process.

Plan: Analytics should be thoughtfully and strategically implemented with purpose and intent, and this Planning step ensures that the marketing analytics implementation will be successful and valuable. It establishes the “big picture” and focus of the MAP, and ensures that the subsequent steps are taken to produce a valuable outcome (report). During Planning, the first activity is to identify a single, clear business goal that will be measured and tracked as the basis for analysis and decision-making. The activities involve isolating a goal and then identifying the various data and sources that will be collected. Data selection involves asking questions about key moments along the CDJ and then identifying sources that can provide answers.

Collect: During Collection, various tools are used to gather data and to process and transform it into relevant, actionable information for analysis. Activities include gathering the data – for example from public datasets or through an web analytics implementation such as Google Analytics – and centralizing it in a centralized system (DMS) for analysis.

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Analyze: The goal of the Analysis step is to really understand the data and then to apply insights and learnings to draw conclusions and make recommendations. Activities will include “cleaning” the data to minimize bias or inaccuracy, and then using tools’ features to reveal meaningful insights from the observed and measured patterns and trends.

Report: The Reporting step “tells a story” that explains the problem and goal, and then presents the recommendations (actions, optimizations) that should produce meaningful improvements. Activities include development of persuasive communication(s) that will support recommendations: they should be clear, concise, passionate and compelling (with visuals).

The process is cyclical and ongoing, and intended to promote ongoing evolution, optimization and improvement: following the Reporting step, Planning should restart based on the insights and recommendations and the cycle begin anew.

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