The web’s gift: “the ability to fail faster. At a low cost.”

Discuss ways in which brands in your industry (or industry of your choice) could benefit from the web’s gift: “the ability to fail faster. At a low cost.”

All brands and companies can benefit from Avinash Kaushik’s “web’s gift”: the ability to fail fast at low cost. Research and testing is critical for marketers: they provide important insights into expected product performance before further investment is made in development or advertising.

Qualitative marketing research is in decline, both in frequency and investment. Typical traditional methods of VOC feedback solicitation – such as focus groups and surveys – are complicated to manage, and expensive and slow compared to their modern counterparts.

A local focus group, for example, requires organization, a physical location, supplies, moderator and researcher(s) time, and participant remuneration. An online focus group doesn’t have such requirements. Without the time and location restrictions, more consumers are able to participate, so the data acquired is better representative of the wider audience. Surveys are also better executed online as they can be instantly provided at any point during the CDJ (eg, after purchase or during evaluation). Even when remuneration costs are similar, online surveys can be prepared and analyzed more efficiently than their paper counterparts (without need for postage).

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Another significant advantage: data is captured immediately and directly, so there is no delay availability of results for analysis.

Historically, these methods offered qualitative insights that could only be manually captured and interpreted by researchers, however as digital tools evolve, the gap is narrowing. Artificial intelligence (AI) has improved so that qualitative data can be well understood whether processed automatically or manually (eg, keyword or sentiment analysis).

The “digital age” has also birthed a new approach to customer feedback through usability studies and research enabled exclusively through the Internet. Whereas it was previously impossible to conduct A/B or multivariate testing, multiple platforms now exist that enable marketers to quickly and inexpensively execute tests of digital products, and even some “offline” concepts.

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