Introducing CANsulta!

Over at AKP Solutions, we’ve been working on a secret project for a while now. But today, the time has finally come to tell you what we’ve been hiding…

I am thrilled to finally announce our new e-consulting platform, Cansulta™!

Cansulta will make consulting accessible, affordable and approachable by connecting businesses to vetted consultants with expertise across many different business areas, such as marketing, finance, and HR.

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Cansulta began as my pet project to connect deserving clients (startups, entrepreneurs, SMB owners and other business professionals) with world class consultants in a way that benefits them both. 

As a small business owner, I have been frustrated by the significant time and cost required to hire large, established consulting firms, and equally frustrated by having to rely on my professional networks and contacts to find reliable, experienced, affordable experts to guide me through unexpected business challenges and opportunities.

As a consultant, I found myself giving out free advice around the clock in hopes of helping other entrepreneurs, risking my own business’ profitability. I was burdened by the administrative effort involved in helping clients on smaller projects, and hated the pressure to be constantly selling myself and my services. I really just wanted to get good work done, effectively and efficiently: simple!

Cansulta saves consultants’ time and effort by simplifying many of the administrative headaches involved in working with businesses of any size so that they can focus on doing great work. In turn, it benefits businesses by giving clients an option that’s easier, faster, and more affordable than working with large consulting firms.

Ready to optimize or grow your business?
Visit Cansulta today to register for priority alerts about our upcoming launch and get the support you deserve.

Cansulta: Expertise within reach.
Because every business deserves a world class consultant.

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