The challenges of “tidy” data

CONTEXT: My organization is an advertising agency (Publicis Canada), and my team (Nurun Toronto) is the division focused on providing digital consulting and professional services. Our clients are well-known, large-scale, national (Metro, Rogers, WestJet) and international brands (Coke, Merck, FCA, Sephora, Nestle, LG), as well as some mid-sized firms (Lennox, Kubota) and government entities (OLG, […]

Marketing Analytics Process

Explain the four steps in the Marketing Analytics Process. Plan: Analytics should be thoughtfully and strategically implemented with purpose and intent, and this Planning step ensures that the marketing analytics implementation will be successful and valuable. It establishes the “big picture” and focus of the MAP, and ensures that the subsequent steps are taken to […]

Sampling bias in VOC research affects post-purchase experience

Explain how sampling bias in Voice Of Customer research could adversely affect a marketing analysis of customers’ post-purchase experience with a product. As post-purchase feedback is critical to keeping customers satisfied within the “Loyalty Loop” along their journey, sampling bias is a danger to avoid in both traditional mass media and modern digital contexts. Sampling […]

The web’s gift: “the ability to fail faster. At a low cost.”

Discuss ways in which brands in your industry (or industry of your choice) could benefit from the web’s gift: “the ability to fail faster. At a low cost.” All brands and companies can benefit from Avinash Kaushik’s “web’s gift”: the ability to fail fast at low cost. Research and testing is critical for marketers: they […]

Consumer Decision Journeys (CDJ) to increase brand presence in consumers’ Initial Consideration Set (ICS)

Based on the Consumer Decision Journey framework, suggest some ways by which brands can improve their chances to be in the consumers’ Initial Consideration Set? McKinsey’s Consumer Decision Journey (CDJ) – while well-recognized as the industry standard in marketing theory and application – may have less relevance in an increasingly “digital” world. The concept of […]