Influence of organizational size on digital analysis

Offer an explanation for why organizational size may influence the metrics and tools a company uses in its digital analysis. An organization’s size informs our assumptions about its available resources and business objectives, as well as how it may implement a digital analytics strategy. First, size may reflect an organization’s corporate maturity and its readiness […]

New Retail with Groupon

Groupon is an American e-Commerce company, launched in 2008 and based in Chicago, with market dominance in its category as a local online marketplace or “E-tailer”. Groupon’s initial unique offering (USP) was that it leveraged the power of volume purchase (“group”) to offer significant discounts (“coupon”) to customers. Over the last decade, the company has […]

User-generated content: Sephora’s Beauty Insider “Community”

Sephora is a luxury beauty retailer that started in Paris in the 1970s, opening its retail operations in New York in 1998, and is now headquartered in San Francisco, owned by luxury good company LMVH. Sephora launched its Beauty Insider (BI) loyalty program in 2007, offering “exclusive benefits and rewards” to customers, cultivating an impressive […]

Customer Co-Creation with Airbnb

Airbnb is an online housing rental business that began in 2007 when former schoolmates and roommates in San Francisco, USA could no longer afford their rent and wanted to earn additional income by renting space in their apartment to travelers. The site launched in 2008, offering short-term rentals targeted at business travelers who couldn’t find […]