Browning’s tough task (Transformation) guided by Kotter’s “8 Errors” framework

I must confess that when I first read the case of Peter Browning and Continental White Cap, I was perplexed. I find that Harvard Business Review cases are often straightforward: not that they are “easy”, but usually, by the end of the case, if one has recently read applicable/relevant management theory, there is a relatively […]

Transformation A and B at ACME advertising agency

I wish I’d read this excellent article by Gilbert, Eyring and Foster earlier. While there is quite an extensive cannon written about innovation and disruption, entrepreneurship and transformation, I’ve struggled to see the practical application and evidence in most theories. In particular, it’s been difficult to reconcile what I saw as two competing strategies to […]

“Disruptive innovation” (1) isn’t all about Uber, and (2) exemplified by new virtual workforces

Maybe it’s due to my experience within the tech/IT and advertising industries and frequent exposure to entrepreneurs and startups, but over the last few years, I have been inundated by people using “disruptive innovation” to describe many new business ventures, to the point that it has become an annoying and meaningless buzzword that I actively […]

A business is in business for business… AND to do something more

After reading the articles by Milton Friedman and Charles Handy, if you were forced to choose between these two perspectives, which would you choose and why? If forced, I would select Handy’s approach as a better set of guiding principles from which I’d make managerial and corporate decisions. I enjoyed learning about both Friendman’s and […]